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Welcome to the Nevada County Camera Club
Next Meeting, January 22, 2018 - 6:15PM

All Critique Meeting - Members will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive photo discussion and critique. We want to know what inspires you and how you get your best shots.  For this meeting, there will be no guest presentation; the full 2 hours will be devoted to this interactive discussion with a 15 minute intermission for refreshments.

Using the club's website, members will submit up to 2 photos for the January competition, as usual. Both photos will be included in the “Best of” Vote for January. Each member will have at least one of their submitted photos discussed during the meeting. If time permits, second photos may be discussed.  The overall number of photos discussed will depend on the total number of photos submitted and the time allotted for discussion of each photo.

The process of the critique will be different than the standard critique. There will be 2 member critics and a moderator. The moderator will be the time keeper and will guide the discussion. Audience members will be asked to share their impressions of the photos. Suggestions will be offered by the critics. In some cases, the moderator or a critic may ask the photographer whose photo is being discussed to answer a question or two. Photographers are encouraged to offer additional information (as requested) and are discouraged from defending their work. The moderator's job will be to keep the discussion positive and to reasonably limit the length of comments in order to keep the meeting on-time. To this effect, a count-down timer will be used.

For example, discussion questions for the audience may include:

“Using one or two words, how does this image make you feel?”
“Name one thing you like about this image”
“Name one adjustment you think would make this photo better”
“Raise your hand if you think you know who the photographer is?”
“Should this photo be placed in a different category (if so which one)?”

Questions for the photographer may include:

“What or who was your inspiration for this image?”
“Did you post process the image and if so, share with us one of the adjustments you made”
“What challenges did you overcome to get this shot, if any?”
“What would you do differently if you could control X?”
“Was there an emotion or feeling you were trying to illustrate?”
“What element in the photo placed it into this category?”

The moderator for the meeting is Peter Mason.  The member critics are TBD.

Meetings are held at Unity in the Gold Country Church, 180 Cambridge Ct, Grass Valley, CA


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