Photo by John Seivert

July 2020 - Best Assigned - Framed Eagle Creek Waterfall
John Seivert

Photo by Ingrid Lockhart


July 2020 - Best Abstract - Sunrise Reflection
Ingrid Lockhart

Photo by Bernadette Sylvester

July 2020 - Best Architecture - Mare Island Interior
Bernadette Sylvester

Photo by Janice Rosner

July 2020 - Best Fauna - Catching Snowflakes
Janice Rosner

Photo by Jim Bair

July 2020 - Best Flora - In the Pre-dawn Light
Jim Bair

Photo by Janice Rosner

July 2020 - Best Natural Landscape - Swan in the Mist
Janice Rosner

Photo by John Seivert

July 2020 - Best Night Photography - Neowise Over Hirschmans Pond
John Seivert

Photo by Alan Brokenshire

July 2020 - Best People - Circle of Happiness
Alan Brokenshire

Photo by Mike Shea

July 2020 - Best Photojournalism - Timber
Mike Shea

Photo by Jerry Thomas

July 2020 - Best Travel - Grand Canyon
Jerry Thomas

Photo by Margret Spears

July 2020 - Creative - Innocence
Margret Spears

Photo by Kathy Triolo

July 2020 - Creative - Playing for the Heavens
Kathy Triolo

Photo by Eric Engles

July 2020 - Best Black & White - A Lonely Jeffrey
Eric Engles

Photo by Brion Dunbar

July 2020 - Best Color - Flags of Summer
Brion Dunbar

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2020 Executive Board

Elected Officers  
President Kathy Triolo
Vice President Rachel Rosenthal
Treasurer Mike Shea
Secretary Laura Greenman
President Emeritus Douglas Hooper
Committee Chairs
Membership Mark Triolo
Program Rachel Rosenthal
Publicity Ellen Davis
Audio Systems Peter Mason  
Refreshments Mike Shea and Barbara Summers
Video Systems Dave Arstein
Website Management Dave Arstein
Field Trip Coordinator Bill Wages