Photo by Ed Sylvester

April2020 - Best Assigned - Happy Buddha - Saigon
Ed Sylvester

Photo by David White

April 2020 - Best Abstract
Death Valley Rorschach Test
David White

Photo by Ingrid Lockhart

April 2020 - Best Architecture
Urban Reflection
Ingrid Lockhart

Photo by Georges Pelpel

April 2020 - Best Fauna - Invitation to Dance
Georges Pelpel

Photo by David Wong

April 2020 - Best Flora - Globe Lily
David Wong

Photo by Tom Quinn

April 2020 - Best Natural Landscape - Find the Five Tiny Hikers
Tom Quinn

Photo by Rick Aeschliman

April 2020 - Best Night Photography - April 2020 Supermoon
Rick Aeschliman

Photo by Rachel Rosenthal

April 2020 - Best People - Flying High
Rachel Rosenthal

Photo by Craig Rohrsen

April 2020 - Best Travel - Vernazza Cinque Terre
Craig Rohrsen

Photo by Dave McLellan

April 2020 - Creative - Alien Skies
Dave McLellan

Photo by Ingrid Lockhart

April 2020 - Best Black & White - Lone Tree
Ingrid Lockhart

Photo by Jerry Thomas

April 2020 - Best Color - Chiully glass
Jerry Thomas

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