Photo by Bernadette Sylvester

January 2020- Best Assigned - Female Quetzal Costa Rica
Bernadette Sylvester

Photo by Jerry Thomas

January 2020 - Best Abstract -
Let it Rain
Jerry Thomas

Photo by Gary Cartzdafner

January 2020 - Best Architecture - Taj Mahal Reflections
Gary Cartzdafner

Photo by Georges Pelpel

January 2020 - Best Fauna - Courting Sandhill Cranes
Georges Pelpel

Photo by Ingrid Lockhart

January 2020 - Best Flora - Yosemite in the Mist
Ingrid Lockhart

Photo by Mark Tirolo

January 2020 - Best Natural Landscape - Sensational Surf
Mark Triolo

Photo by Bill Wages

January 2020 - Best Night Photography - Bridge of Stars
Bill Wages

Photo by David Wong

January 2020 - Best People - Enjoying Art at the Musee d'Orsay
David Wong

Photo by John Seivert

January 2020 - Best Photojournalism - Cycle Cross Bliss
John Seivert

Photo by Janice Rosner

January 2020 - Best Travel - Navigating the Mangroves
Janice Rosner

Photo by Fred Crowder

January 2020 - Creative - Segmented Steamer
Fred Crowder

Photo by Tom Quinn

January 2020 - Best Black & White - Dreaming of Racing Shadow and Tide
Tom Quinn

Photo by Ingrid Lockhart

January 2020 - Best Color - Yosemite Meadow in the Mist
Ingrid Lockhart

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