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Crunchy, Juicy and Sweet

Photo by Suzanne Hambleton

January 2023 - Assigned Subject - Crunchy, Juicy and Sweet
Suzanne Hambleton

Picasso Marble Macro

Photo by Daniel Chaplin

January 2023 - Abstract - Picasso Marble Macro
Daniel Chaplin

Dublin Fancy Door

Photo by Gary Cartzdafner

January 2023 - Architecture - Dublin Fancy Door
Gary Cartzdafner

WaxWing Discussion

Photo by Brion Dunbar

January 2023 - Fauna - Cedar WaxWing Discussion
Brion Dunbar


Photo by Ann Westling

January 2023 - Flora - Agave
Ann Westling

Winter Magic

Photo by Anita DuPratt

January 2023 - Natural Landscape - Winter Magic
Anita DuPratt

Night Photography - Menorca

Photo by John Seivert

January 2023 - Night Photography - Menorca Chamber Tomb
John Seivert


Photo by Bob Free

January 2023 - People - Reverence
Bob Free

Hightway 49 Fire - November 27,2022

Photo by Fred Claessens

January 2023 - Photojournalism
Highway 49 Fire - November 27,2022
Fred Claessens

Lightning House off the Coast of Maine

Photo by Allison Kalt

January 2023 - Travel
Lightning House off the Coast of Maine
Allison Kalt

Blowing Bubbles

Photo by Robert Arnold

January 2023 - Creative Fantasy – Anything Goes - Blowing Bubbles
Robert Arnold

Dreams in the Mist

Photo by Darby Davenport

January 2023 - Manipulated But Realistic - Dreams in the Mist
Darby Davenport

Almost Made it to Town

Photo by Tom Quinn

January 2023 - Black & White - Other - Almost Made it to Town
Tom Quinn

Reflections on Golden Pond

Photo by Elany Prusa

January 2023 - Color - Other - Reflections on Golden Pond
Elany Prusa

Coastal trail to Anstruther, Scotland

Photo by Craig Rohrsen

January 2023 - Phone - Coastal trail to Anstruther, Scotland
Craig Rohrsen

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